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Strengthening Our Legal DNA - Welcome Trevor Jefferies

Posted by Kent Radford on Oct 14, 2015 6:42:00 AM

CS Disco is pleased to announce the hiring of Trevor Jefferies away from his AmLaw 200 practice.  Trevor’s addition strengthens DISCO’s already-deep legal DNA. With extensive litigation knowledge and experience, Trevor joins DISCO from Arnold & Porter, where he was working on matters arising from a wide variety of cases in jurisdictions across North America and Europe, including commercial and patent litigation. While at Hogan Lovells, Trevor was a founding member of that firm’s Electronic Information Group, where he led the development of the firm’s internal ediscovery collaborative knowledge base and was a core member of the ediscovery compliance team.

Deep-Seated Legal DNA

It is exactly this unmatched, deep legal DNA that allows DISCO to make software that is so much easier and more intuitive to use than the other ediscovery software on the market. We understand the users because we were the users.  DISCO employs lawyers from across the spectrum of the legal landscape -- from professors, partners, and associates previously with AmLaw 200 firms, to partners and associates hailing from litigation boutiques, as well as former paralegals. Our lawyers have also practiced in most substantive litigation areas, including internal and government investigations, products liability, commercial litigation, environmental disputes, Jones Act cases, real estate disputes, and intellectual property cases, among others.  The majority of our lawyers were practicing very recently, and these former practicing trial lawyers are integrated into every department in the organization.  This group of lawyers would probably form a very formidable litigation boutique if still practicing!  Their experience gives DISCO a sharp insight into the challenges litigation groups face and what features/functionality they truly need, as well as equally sharp insight into the features which look great in a demo but serve no real purpose in an actual case.


The DISCO "Law Review"

Uniquely, DISCO utilizes a review process that we call the “Law Review.” All lawyers from the organization vet features before those features make it into DISCO.  The purpose of a Law Review is for the lawyers to scrutinize whether any given feature:

  • Makes sense for the product,
  • Will be useful to the litigation process,
  • Elegantly accomplishes its intended purpose, and most importantly,
  • Easily and intuitively accomplishes its intended result.  

In this way, the Law Review ensures DISCO’s end-users get the features they want in an intuitive manner that requires very little training.

The Law Review is also one source of features for future product development.  The lawyers suggest ways the product could and should be better.  This ensures that we have the perspectives of most participants in the litigation process to ensure the product is the best it can be and that it is the best in the industry.

Hiring to Our Vision

DISCO also understands the ediscovery market because we have former employees of many of our competitors, each of whom saw the direction DISCO wants to take ediscovery and desired to be a part of it.  These former employees of Relativity, Recommind, Kroll, Advanced Discovery, Autonomy, Thompson Reuters, IRIS, and Stored IQ, among others, realized that legal technology was lagging far behind other industries and recognized that CS Disco had the ability and desire to bring the best of modern technology to the legal industry.  All of our lawyers were actual users of other ediscovery products as well.  Our collective experience using competitors’ products was one of the reasons we created DISCO in the first place.  

Technology in the Legal Industry

While other products may have been "good enough" when they were first developed, they haven't adapted to technological changes impacting communication and business. From the start, none of our competitors' products were easy to use. None let lawyers work in the way we wanted and needed, and none seemed to be based on modern (much less cutting edge) technology.  We believe that the legal profession is full of brilliant people who are being hamstrung by antiquated technology.  Imagine what these people could accomplish with the best modern technology.

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