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How to Control Your eDiscovery Spend With Subscription-Based Software

Posted by Trevor Jefferies on Dec 10, 2015 9:20:00 AM

If you are like most attorneys facing pre-trial document discovery, you must decide on an ediscovery processing and hosting solution, both for your clients’ documents as well as for the oppositions’ production.  Typically, you will need to review your client’s documents prior to production, then review the opposition’s documents when produced to you.  You would even prefer a solution that you can apply not just for one case but for your entire docket of cases – big or small cases – or even for your entire firm.  

Many firms have an in-house ediscovery software solution for smaller cases, hosted on the firm’s IT servers.  This solution typically requires a dedicated IT infrastructure and support team for the software and security of the clients’ data.  For larger cases, attorneys often turn to a vendor for a hosted solution.  There, the attorney faces a complicated a la carte menu of vendor service fees and charges for each task performed by the vendor.  This pricing model makes it difficult to compare different vendors on an “apples-to-apples” basis, as no one vendor uses the same menu of tasks.  And because this pricing is task-based, it makes any estimate of the total ediscovery spend difficult to predict, because your ediscovery needs in the case may change substantially during the life of the litigation.  

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