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Helping Customers be Productive in Discovery, Every Step of the Way

Posted by Dianne Borges on Jul 20, 2015 12:23:00 PM

Very soon after joining Disco as VP Customer Success, I learned that each customer has a unique path to achieving an efficient and fruitful discovery process. It’s based on the nature of the matter, the stage of discovery for that matter, and the resources available within and outside the firm—among other factors. So, if we at Disco are to be truly helpful to lawyers and litigation support staff in their journeys, we need to attend to these very specific situations. That means getting customers the right information, at the right time, and in a way that suits each person’s unique needs.

Based on this understanding, we are embarking on a large-scale effort to surround the Disco experience with a rich and highly relevant set of resources that boost efficiency and effectiveness at every stage of discovery. For example:

  • It’s your first review (ever) and you’re on a tight deadline? We’ll navigate you to a quick ramp-up.
  • Trying to get an early view of what’s in your data set? We’ll help tighten up those first searches.
  • Getting your exhibits in order for trial tomorrow morning? We’ll show you how to get organized in time.

And you’ll get all this guidance on-demand, through a variety of media, right when you need it. 

Our first small step in delivering this experience is our just launched Disco Help Center. The Help Center currently houses a foundational set of resources that will enable our customers to get the most out of their Disco experience. It features three areas of content, including a knowledge base of articles and guides, an inventory of product updates, and a hub for training resources. It also connects customers directly to the Disco team through our live chat tool, available during support hours. 


The Disco Help Center will expand over time, especially in the area of training. There, we plan to serve up situation-specific, training video clips to complement more in-depth webinars. And, it will be the place where our customers can provide live feedback to us and connect directly to other customers in the community.

Our customers have told us they want a broad variety of resources to help them along the way in discovery. And, they’ve demonstrated in their interactions with us that they each prefer different modes of learning and communication at different times. The Help Center is a result of that feedback. Though it’s just one part of what we do to support our customers, it’s a great place to start the journey. 

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