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Discovery is "More Than Meets The Eye"

Posted by Neil Etheridge on Oct 30, 2015 10:57:00 AM


The discovery process is so much more than reviewing and tagging documents, assessing privilege, and creating productions. All too often, discovery tools ignore the many other steps and functions that lawyers and litigation support need to perform as part of discovery -- such as creating search logs, exhibit sets, and more. They forget, or just don't know, that better tools to perform these tasks are very much needed, too -- ideally within their discovery platforms.

At DISCO, we think a discovery platform should be more.

I have previously talked about how DISCO is a powerful yet simple tool for all of your discovery needs, supported by an architecture that is built on next-level technology and delivered in the cloud for unmatched ease of use and accessibility. Now I want to discuss other functions and features frequently overlooked that can make a real difference when conducting discovery.

Let's start with data loading. We added the ability to Self-Upload Data into our platform, allowing you to take control of your matter, even if it’s Sunday at 3 PM and you're working at home. With DISCO, you don’t need to go through complicated processes and jump through flaming hoops to load a few critical, last-minute documents. Simply drag and drop, and you're good to go.

Speaking of ease of use and autonomy, with DISCO there is no need to engage extra resources and wait for administrative changes to be made to your database -- you can do it yourself. In DISCO's Administrative Menu, users can be added, users’ access levels can be adjusted, tag choices can be created or removed, and important terms can be globally highlighted so they won’t be missed in the review.  

We know what it’s like spending late nights putting together constantly-changing exhibit sets manually. DISCO's innovative Exhibit Set feature allows you to put any number of documents into a set and move or delete them as necessary.  DISCO renumbers automatically as changes are made, creates cover sheets as needed, and generates a customizable exhibit list to file or serve with the exhibits.

If you need to quickly print a group of documents for a meeting, use in an old-fashioned paper review, take to a hearing, or any other reason, DISCO's Batch Printing feature can handle it.  Simply select any number of documents and print them -- with or without any identification stamped on them. Although we have the most cutting-edge technology built into our product and gladly embrace the future of discovery, that doesn’t mean we can’t print now and then.

Each document loaded into DISCO has a unique journey through the discovery process. A tag is applied on Sunday by one attorney; the tag is then removed Tuesday by another attorney; yet another attorney adds a new tag Wednesday; redactions are made, changed, and removed in the same manner with equally varied paths.  With DISCO, you are able to track each step of a document’s journey through the world of discovery with the Document History feature.  Now you can assess praise (or seek explanation) accordingly.

This is more than a list of features; these are a few of the reasons why legal professionals, time and time again, find themselves saying “Wow!” when they try DISCO for themselves for the first time. We take the time to think through even the smallest steps in the discovery process and apply technology to simplify and accelerate each one.

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