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Expectations Versus Reality in Discovery Software

Posted by Kent Radford on Aug 14, 2015 4:16:00 PM

I recently participated in a webinar with Neil Etheridge, our VP of Marketing, as we discussed the common problem in discovery -- when clients feel that their reasonable expectations of use and service are not met when working with discovery products. The reality of what they receive is oftentimes quite different from what marketing, webinars, demos or advertisements would lead them to expect.

During the webinar, we explored why expectations were artificially inflated while realities were simultaneously underwhelming. Highly-scripted demos often hide the complexities and true realities that lie in wait for the user once he or she purchases and starts using the software firsthand. As a litigator for more than 15 years, I personally have experienced this frustration when evaluating discovery software, as my expectations of performance and usage were built up during the demo, yet they never seemed to meet the reality when I was using the product personally. This process of frustration seems to be commonplace among lawyers and litigation support professionals: getting a preview of how a discovery tool is supposed to work, making the considerable investment in that product, and then realizing rather quickly that it doesn’t exactly work the way you were led to believe it would.

As a founder of DISCO, I have a unique opportunity to address this frustration that many of us have felt at some point in the discovery process, and to correct the status quo. I wanted to make sure that our discovery solution would offer prospects the chance to use the actual product after seeing a demonstration, not just watch a canned talk track with accompanying magic tricks. Since DISCO discovery is delivered as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product, we are able to deliver on that goal and provide easy and convenient access to our solution online to anyone with an internet connection.

You can readily judge for yourself the ease and speed of DISCO discovery by taking our self-guided online demo simply by visiting our website.  Unlike others, we welcome you to experience our actual solution at work in our production environment with the complete Enron data set, and we encourage you to test and push our software in ways that you see fit for your personal needs. Keep in mind that, unlike a lot of others out there, when you take the self-guided demo what you experience there is exactly identical to our full product.

The half-hour webinar is archived on our website, and I would encourage you to take the time to view it at your convenience.  It explores how SaaS solutions like DISCO discovery are changing expectations about how we use technology in the legal profession by offering a unique user experience that reflects how we, as professionals ourselves, actually want to work.

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