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Disco's ILTA Retrospective

Posted by Neil Etheridge on Sep 8, 2015 4:48:24 PM



What an amazing week! Disco’s first outing to ILTA could not have been much more of a success. Our team had a great time meeting old friends, making news ones, and continuing to spread the word about our vision and technology. In our experience in working with a broad range of firms, we’ve realized that gaining feedback from real end users is invaluable in delivering a complete platform that addresses the discovery challenges of today. 

We’ve always dedicated ourselves to building very simple, yet powerful software designed with lawyers in mind; and we’ve been working hard on expanding our product to address the needs of other key users as well. Discovery is a process that requires collaboration across many different supporting groups, and we have now worked to deliver new features, all with Disco DNA, to the areas that impact Litigation Support professionals.

While we’re on the topic of speed, performance, and Litigation Support -  ILTA saw Disco host our first event that was focused around the Lit Support community: our Supercar Driving Experience. We took the opportunity to invite a hand-picked group of Lit Support professionals to our executive event at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, which saw them piloting Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and other performance cars at speeds upwards of one hundred miles an hour. We also used our time off the track well, as we were able to directly discuss with the group some of their most pressing issues and familiarize them with how DISCO today meets their needs, as well as how near-future development plans include further capabilities that will address Lit Support needs in a new way for the industry -- all as racing engines screamed by us.

I’m happy to report that I was not the slowest driver that day, unfortunately not the fastest either - that honor goes to Richard Pachella at Cozen O'Connor. I’m also happy to mention that Disco took another step towards disrupting the way discovery is done today, in favor of a more simple and effective approach. The feedback we received from this group validated our strategy and design for DISCO so far and enabled us to build relationships that will help us continue to evolve DISCO in a way that truly raises the bar for discovery technology. Thank you all for the fun and feedback this last week. 

We’ll see you next year.

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