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DISCO Expands With New Austin Office

Posted by Keith Zoellner on Jul 28, 2015 4:08:00 PM

This month, DISCO takes another major step towards expanding and enhancing its engineering and development operations with multiple new hires in a city long recognized as a nationally leading hub of technological innovation. Austin’s 7000 Plaza was chosen to house more than a dozen newly hired software engineers – five of which bring a combined total of 100 years’ experience – as they continue solving the most challenging problems in the industry while simultaneously setting its standards.


These additions to the DISCO team represent the industry’s best in managing petabytes of data and have a wide range of experience within previously successful Austin startup companies such as StoredIQ and MessageOne. It is a sign of positive growth that DISCO is able to attract top development talent from Austin with its superior SaaS offering, outstanding leadership, innovative culture and solid investment foundations while it continues to develop its SaaS solutions from its corporate headquarters.

DISCO is passionate about enabling lawyers to focus on what they do best: practicing law. The status quo of ediscovery doesn’t make room for that idea in favor of bloated, overly complicated, inefficient technology that lawyers have, until now, simply had to accept. DISCO is leading a change in legal technology that simplifies the process and gives the control back to attorneys through a very intuitive, yet extremely powerful platform.

DISCO’s next-generation SaaS ediscovery solution consistently outperforms the competition and provides a unique and intuitive experience that lawyers and litigation support staff understand and appreciate, allowing developers to work on something they not only believe in, but has limitless potential thanks to its next generation infrastructure and deployment so that they may grow with it.

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