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Michelle Anifant

Michelle Anifant is a Senior Project Manager for DISCO based out of Denver, Colorado, who has consistently given her clients' best interests the highest priority with regard to efficiency, accuracy, and the utilization of advanced legal technology. Her background includes a wealth of ediscovery experience working as Senior Case & Review Manager for DTI, as well as Hudson Legal. Michelle also worked as a solo practitioner for several years after obtaining her JD from Wake Forest University School of Law.
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3 Simple Ways to QC Your Production for Errors

Posted by Michelle Anifant on Jul 18, 2017 9:22:00 AM

Producing documents is perhaps the most sensitive event in the ediscovery lifecycle.

Not only do production errors necessitate duplicate work, more importantly, errors may expose you to the risks of violating a court order or leaking sensitive information to the opposing party. Thus, throughout my 13+ years working as a sole practitioner and project manager in the legal industry, I have developed several simple yet valuable ways to QC proactively for production errors.

While this post is by no means exhaustive, it provides a good starting point around best practices and hopefully helps those of you who are new to the world of ediscovery to jump start your quality control toolset.   

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