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During my journey from full-time practicing lawyer, to software evangelist, to managing operations for a boutique discovery services provider and back into the software world, I have witnessed the discovery process from virtually every angle possible. What I have found is companies (software and service providers alike) that are largely unaware of what the practice of law actually entails. Thus, they lack the ability to create a unique and memorable experience for their clients. I remain ardent in my belief that technology should enable lawyers to serve their clients more effectively and efficiently – it should amplify their abilities, not displace them.
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3 Tips to Understand, Not Just Review, the Opposing Party’s Production

Posted by Drew Lewis on Aug 3, 2017 1:50:00 PM

There are two aspects of discovery when thinking about documents: reviewing the documents and reviewing to understand the contents of the documents. When you are the party receiving documents, then your document review efforts are more concerned with understanding those documents. Your job is that of investigator charged with the task of understanding what opposing counsel has delivered to you. Whereas the document reviewer is focused on the responsive, the investigator is trying to separate the outcome determinative, from the merely helpful or the barely responsive. Presumably the documents your strategy will hinge upon is a faint signal submerged in a sea of white-noise.

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