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Taking Disco customer success to the next level

Posted by Dianne Borges on Jun 25, 2015 10:02:19 AM

After spending the past 20 years helping organizations of all sizes build long-lasting, high-value customer relationships, I’ve learned that service is meaningful when you 1) truly understand the customer’s commitments and challenges; 2) ease their day-to-day job in some way; and 3) make a genuine impact on their business.

That’s why I like Disco so much. It’s built from a deep understanding of what works (or doesn’t) in the process of finding evidence. We give lawyers and litigation support professionals an hour--or more--back in their day. And we have the power to materially shift the cost-benefit analysis of litigation for end-clients. I joined Disco this month as vice president of customer success because I wanted to be part of a company with this level of service built into its DNA.

Customer success as a profession was born with the advent of software as a service, and its name tells its mission. Helping customers become technically proficient with the service is obviously key to customers’ success. But that’s just the start. It is also about working tirelessly to understand our customers’ frustrations and aspirations, to make their days that much easier, and to create a more tangible impact on their (and their clients’) businesses. To that end, I will be speaking and collaborating with a number of Disco customers in the coming weeks and months to guide the development of new training programs, form a customer advisory group, and explore the use of forums to foster the exchange of knowledge and insights.

I will also be paying special attention to the needs of litigation support professionals at law firms and enterprises. This will involve developing more in-depth training sessions and certification programs, as well as understanding and supporting process improvements that typically accompany the deployment of next-generation technology.

Before deciding to join Disco, I contacted several customers and partners to find out the “real story” of Disco. They all spoke in terms of how easy it is to use, how advanced it is compared to existing technologies, how responsive the support team is, and how genuinely happy they are in their relationship with Disco. That’s a fantastic base to build on. I’m proud to be part of an organization that creates that sort of impact--and I’m excited about working with customers to make it even better.

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